Ear Candling


The ear candling complementary therapy has become increasingly popular in the last twenty years, although it is rooted in antiquity, having been practised in one form or another, for hundreds if not thousands of years. The candles work on the chimney principle, gently drawing ‘general impurities’ towards the surface where they may be gently removed. Their use equalises the pressure within the head and ears consequently, they are suitable for many conditions The entry of warm/hot herbal enriched smoke vapour within the outer ear canal which leads to the entire ear and surrounding structures being warmed with changes in pressure when combined and reinforced by the face and neck massage will form an overall holistic treatment. When taken together they will:

* Sooth irritated areas (ingredients)
* Stimulate peripheral blood circulation (massage and heat)
* Strengthen the immune system (ingredients)
* Strengthen the work of the lymphatic system (massage and heat)
* Stimulate energy points on the external ear (position of the candle, heat and massage)


Each ear candle is an all-natural product, measuring about 20cm long, with a burning length of about 14cm. Even today they are prepared according to a traditional formula and are carefully handcrafted. Each candle is cylindrical with a hollow centre and is constructed of organically grown flax, honey extracts, beeswax and powdered biologically grown therapeutic herbs, including Camomile, Sage and Hypericum (St John’s Wort) as has been used for many years. Please feel free to call and discuss.

  • 30 MINUTES
  • 45 MINUTES
    Includes face, neck and shoulder massage to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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